Chef Josette Bistro

JOSETTE LEBLOND, founder and President of Normandie Pate, Inc. has manufactured fine pates and sausages since her arrival in America in 1985.

Born in Normandie, France, Josette was raised with strong work ethics. After grade school, she would help her father in the charcuterie business (delicatessen). This would set the stage for the “French-American” dream which would come later.

During her visit in Los Angeles, Josette was invited to a party where she met the chef of the Queen Mary, the famed tourist attraction docked in Long Beach. He was also French and asked her to work for him for a month. She accepted his offer and was soon working in the kitchen preparing salads. It didn’t take long for the chef to ascertain her background in the charcuterie business. Now Josette was back making her fine pates.

Josette’s energy, perseverance, experience, and love for the business have always kept her going in the right direction. She likes to say she is living the “French-American dream.”

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