Soup and Salad Price
Onions Soup Crouton melted Swiss Cheese 9.00
Soup of the Day 9.00
Mozzarella Salad Mixed greens Tomatoes Fresch basil with Balsamic dressing 12.00
Nicoise With Tuna Egg Tomatoes Potatoes Green Beans Onions Olive Mix Greens 14.00
Goat cheese:Warm Goat cheese on Toast Mix Green 14.00
Smoked Salmon on Mix Green 14.00
Grilled Fresh Salmon on Mix Green   17.00
Sandwich Price
Tuna Sandwich  Celery Green Onions Mayonnaise 12.00
Mozzarella Sandwich With Tomatoes Fresh Basil Green Balsamic dressing 12.00
Famous Pate Campagne or Chicken Liver Cornichon 12.00
Chicken Breast Served warm (add Brie $ 2) 12.00
Turkey or Ham Sandwich (Add Brie $ 2) 11.00
Smoked Salmon Sandwich Cream Cheese Green Tomatoes Onions 14.00
Merguez Sandwich Beef and lamb sausages Chef Josette Faforite 12.00
Tuna Melt 0n Baguette Swiss Cheese melted Mayo Onions 12.00
French Steak Sandwich melt Cheese Onions 16.00
Entree Price
Escargots “Chef Josette Favorite Dish” Butter Garlic Persil 12.00
Merguez Plate:(3) Beef and Lamb sausage Served with Special of the Day 16.00
Chicken Crepe:Filled with chicken mushrooms sauce Béchamel 17.00
Grilled Salmon: Lemon Juice &Vegetable 18.00
Steak du Boucher & French Fries 19.00
Roast Chicken Paprika & French Fries 17.00
Couscous ($6)    Gratin Dauphinois($7)     Potatoes Sautees  ($6)   Cheese ($7)
Dessert: French Pastries & Cakes Price
PASTRIES or CAKES  Choice from our Dessert Selection 7.00
Creme Brulee 8.00
Crepe Nutella  Add Strawberry or Banana $2 9.00
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