Appetizer Price
Bruschetta : 3 Toast diced Fresh Tomatos topped with Balsamic Glaze 6.00
Caramelize apple topped with warm Brie cheese 8.00
Merguez: “Famous Josette Recipe” 2 each 6.00
Escargot “Josette’s Favorite Dish” Sautéed in garlic parsley and butter 12.00
Foie Gras “Home Made” 18.00
Pate Plate Assortment of Normandie’s pates 16.00
Soup and Salad Price
Onion Soup: topped with Croutons and Melted Swiss Cheese 9.50
Special of the Chef 9.50
Salad Maison Mix Green with Basil Vinaigrette 8.00
Caesar Salad Romaine lettuce croutons Fresh Parmesan Caesar dressing 12.00
Mozzarella Green tomato Mozzarella basil with balsamic dressing 14.00
Goat Cheese Salad on Brioche Toast: Mix Green Goat Cheese 14.00
Entree Price
Chicken Crepe filled with chicken mushrooms and béchamel 19.00
Paprika Roasted Chicken: served with Chef Creation 21.00
Merguez Plate Beef Lamb sausage French Fries 18.00
Canard Confit Duck Confit served with Gratin Dauphinois 24.00
Coq au Vin: Chicken Rooster marinated in Red Wine carrots 24.00
Boeuf Bourguignon marinated in red wine mushrooms carrots  26.00
Quenelles sauce Hollandaise 21.00
Petit Filet Mignon: Bistro Steak Pepper sauce served with Gratin 32.00
Salmon Provencale Provencale sauce vegetable 22.00
Sole Amandine Sautee in Lemon juice – Almonds Vegetables 21.00
Couscous ($6) Gratin Dauphinois($7)Potatoes Sautees($6) Cheese($7)
Creme Brulee Michel Richard Receipe 9.00
Coupe d ‘Amour chocolate Vanilla Ice cream Strawberry Almond 9.00
PASTRIES or CAKES Choice from our Dessert Selection 8.00
Warm Pear or Apple Tart 9.00
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