Eggs and Crepes

Eggs and Crepes Price
Eggs any style :Order what you like 9.50
NORMANDIE OMELETTE : Served Sauted potatoes Choice of 3 items Only : 16.00
Tomatoes green Onions mushroom spinach cheese bacon or ham
Healthy Omelette : Egg white spinach mushrooms Tomatoes 18.00
Italien Omelette:Mozarrella Tomatoes Fresh Basil 18.00
Campagnarde Omelette : Bacon Swiss cheese and potatoes 17.00
Moroccan Omelette : Red Onions Tomatoes and Merguez 18.00
Eggs Benedict Hollandaise sauce Serve with Potatoes Sauteed Mixed Green 16.00
Choice of Spinach ($1) Ham ($2) Salmon  ($3)
Savory Crepes:
La Normande : Ham and Swiss Cheese 11.00
La Bretagne: Spinach Mushroom and Swiss Cheese 12.00
La Provencale: Tomatoes with Basil Herbes Olive Oil and Cheese 14.00
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