Plain Croissant 3.00
Flavor Croissant Choco Almond apple Cinammon 3.50
Specialty Croissant: Apricot Brioche Almond Raisin Rolls 3.95
Basket-Normandie Famous BAGUETTE with butter and Jam 7.00
Eggs and Crepes
Eggs any style :Order what you like 9.50
NORMANDIE OMELETTE : Served Sautee potatoes Choice of 3 items Only : 16.00
Tomato green onion mushroom spinach cheese bacon or ham
Healthy Omelette : Egg white spinach mushrooms Tomato 18.00
Italien Omelette:Mozarrella Tomato Fresh Basil 18.00
Campagnarde Omelette : Bacon Swiss cheese and potatoes 17.00
Moroccan Omelette : Red onion Tomato and Merguez 18.00
Eggs Benedict Hollandaise sauce Serve with Potatoes Sautees Mixed Green 16.00
Choice of Spinach ($1) Ham ($2) Salmon  ($3)
Savory Crepes:
La Normande : Ham and Swiss Cheese 11.00
La Bretagne: Spinach Mushroom and Swiss Cheese 12.00
La Provencale: Tomato with Basil Herbes Olive Oil and Cheese 14.00
Breakfast Specialty
French Toast-Brioche Toast syrup and Fresh Strawberry 12.00
Quiche Lorraine: Eggs Milk Ham  Swiss Cheese served with Mix Green 12.00
Zucchini Tart: Eggs Milk Zucchini Onion Swiss Cheese served with Mix Green 12.00
Croque Monsieur Béchamel Ham Swiss Served with Mix Green 12.00
Croque Madame Béchamel and Eggs 13.00
Smoked Salmon on Croissant:capers cream cheese tomato  onion served with Salad 14.00
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