Chef Josette at Melrose

Chef Josette Leblond new owner

Josette Leblond’s answering about Melrose’s new restaurant:

–  I know you have another restaurant, Normandie Bakery. How will the two spots be similar or different?

Yes it will be the same food. French Restaurant with Chef Josette ,and Bakery since 1995 .Normandie Pate 1886“La Cuisine With Chef Josette” TV Show 2000

–  What has led you to take over this location?

Michel Richard was my Friend since 1985 and he passed away last  year. Huguette become this owner of the store on Robertson. She become my customer since 1998 and buys my famous Pates and Bread. She want to retire  and ask me to take over. My husband also passed away in January and I need to be busy. 

– The proximity to Melrose itself, is this important to you?

Yes, I help one friend as well last year and took care of her store at 252 S. Beverly Dr in Beverly Hills. Customer loved me to but the owner did like the smell from my cookie ,so I had to leave.

I live in Melrose area since 1990 and love it. So between my Factory and my home Melrose was my dream . 

-Tell me about your concept for the restaurant, and what you would most want people to know.

First  Education to French Cuisine Freshness, customer service.

-When will your new spot open?

September first, soft opening ,my customer on the area will be so happy that I am there and to be already.

-What will be some of your most unique offerings?

Baguette, Pate, Cake, Escargot ,Merguez, Coq Au Vin , Bourguignon

It’s not only the food that makes a restaurant – the customer service and setting matter just as much. Josette’s French restaurant in Los Angeles has friendly and prompt waiters that provide an excellent service even on the more crowded days. The setting won’t disappoint you either. Josette’s French restaurant in Los Angeles is located at the corner of the Melrose and Standley Avenues, in a French-inspired décor .

Looking for the best French restaurant in Los Angeles?  Try at Josette’s Bistro at 707 N. Stanley Avenue
Tuesday & Wednesday 9 am to 5 pm, Thursday to Saturday 9 am to 9 pm, Sunday Brunch 9 am to 3 pm.

To make a reservation at Josette’s French restaurant in Melrose call (323) 655-7777.

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